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Why should you “Always Come Prepared”?

Always Come Prepared sex toy parties are the best in the business. Why?

  • All of the products at our parties are Sean approved so you know they are the best quality available and absolutely safe to use. We do not sell toys that contain phthalates or other harmful chemicals. If we can’t tell you what’s in it, we won’t sell it.
  • Our sales representatives are trained sex toy educators. Other companies claim to be educators, but our staff are actually trained in sexual health, sex toys, and sex toy safety. That means you learn while you have fun — and you’ll always get accurate, honest information.
  • You don’t have to wait for your toys. We bring all of the items to your party so you can bring home your purchases right after the party! You can even specifically request the toys you want to see at your party.
  • Our team of party people all work directly for the Come Prepared — they are not independent sales people. This means that when you book a Come Prepared party, you have the support of the entire company behind you. Also, because our party consultants are paid directly by the company, you’ll never be pressured to buy more, to make your friends buy more, or to become a consultant yourself.




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