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Email us here to book your own “Batteries Not Included” sex toy party or join an already scheduled party through our events page, for the most educational and  fun, engaging time you will have with your socks on!

Who should attend the party?

Couples, singles, your best friend, your partner and anyone else that you would feel that would have some fun learning about the products and getting some sexual education in a fun and relaxed environment. Our products are great for any individual or couple who are looking to spice up their romantic and sex lives. Our presenter will openly talk about the sexual products and provide tips for improving your sex life in comfortable and fun conversation style.

Batteries Not Included presenter will bring an inventory of products to your home so that many of the purchases made that night can be brought home that night for your enjoyment. If a product is not available that night, we will to our best to get it to you as soon as possible.

Email us here to host your own “Batteries Not Included” party in Calgary.

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