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Jeff Stryker


Molded direct from legendary adult film star Jeff Stryker, this ultra filling masterpiece perfectly recreates the gigantic size and dramatically curved shape of its namesake’s famous cock. Fantastically lifelike on all fronts, the Stryker dildo features uniquely mobile balls, a plush, reliably satisfying texture and hand-detailed blue veins swirling through a thick shaft.

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Hugely satisfying in hand or steadied agasint a flat surface, the Jeff Stryker cock boasts a big pair of squeezable balls that not only protect agasint too-deep penetration and act as a handle, but provide yet another level of tactile bliss. Under the squeezable, realistically textured softness, two firm spheres bounce and jiggle with the rhythm of playtime- grip tight to feel them move within the scrotum. Offering tons of hands-free pleasure potential, an extremely sturdy suction cup base beneath the balls holds firm agasint floor, wall or window, positioning the King vertically or horizontally as desired.


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