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Sex in the Shower Beads


An unbeatably silky set of anal beads that pleasure just as thoroughly in the water as out, these beads are another great offering from shower-friendly Sex in the Shower. Each pale blue bead is made from incomparably hygienic, firmly supple silicone shaped into a comfortably taper- the size of the beads gradually increases, although very subtly and definitely manageably, making the set great for most experience levels.

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“In between the swells, an ultra slim flexible silicone neck provides ideal separation, while allowing the beads to twist, bend and otherwise perfectly accommodate your unique body shape and pleasure purpose. A a firm ringed handle at the end offers a precision grip on the strand, and gives you lots of control over withdraw and manual manipulation.

The beads are extremely hygienic and can be sterilized worry-free, you’ll be able to use soap and water or a good toy cleaner for quick clean-up, but for a more thorough sterilization, simply pop them in boiling water for a few minutes. “


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