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Basix Works 10″


The extra large design and sturdy suction cup base on the Basix 10 Inch dildo will satisfy the both the fans of deep, girthy penetration and anyone who like to play hands free.

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Styled realistically, with a gently tapered head and wide balls, there’s lots of room in between; the soft, squeezable balls double as a handle, while also making the Basix 10 Inch safe for anal insertion. As mentioned, there’s a nice strong element of suction to this toy, the base forms into a suction cup that attaches easily and sturdily to almost any smooth, flat surface (think shower walls, floor etc.), and tapers enough to be used with a harness, too. The plush rubber that makes up this toy box staple is soft and flexible, while still remaining firm enough to satisfy and fill you up just right. It’s also latex and phthalate free for lots of safe use. To keep your dildo at its best, use a good water based lube, and as with any toy, wash well before and after use.


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