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Beginners Power Pump – Smoke


A simple and straightforward enhancement tool designed to perfectly suit beginners and experts alike, the Precision Pump features a classic, effortlessly effective design plus a skin-safe silicone cock ring to help maintain results.

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Firm and stable, the sleek pump chamber is surrounded at its entry point by a soft, stretchy latex sleeve to cushion and protect during use. Once comfortably in place, simply squeeze the pump ball to activate suction and watch the penis in question swell to full firmness potential. A quick release valve at the side of the pump ball instantly eliminates inner pressure once through, just a light touch is all that’s required. Slip the included silicone ring over the base of the penis immediately to sustain firmness- simple handles on either side allow for easy positioning. Total Precision Pump length is approximately 8 inches (20cm). Phthalate free.


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