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Wet, Silk Luxury – Hybrid Lube 9.1oz


An impeccably smooth, expertly blended personal lubricant, Wet, Silk is a collection of ultra-moisturizing and sex enhancing lubes, boasting a unique hybrid formula containing both water and silicone components.

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Relieving dryness while providing a silky, creamy and slippery wet glide for your lovemaking, Silk fulfills a variety of sexual scenarios from solo to shared play. As it mimics a woman’s organic consistency to supplement natural moisture, Silk is a fantastically hydrating option for women experiencing menopause and vaginal dryness, but also makes a lush masturbation lube for men. The silicone ingredient enhances its water-based formula with a slickness that’s never sticky and lasts considerably longer during play than your regular water-based lube so you can even use Silk to facilitate any anal pursuits. It is however, not recommended for use with silicone toys. ┬áPackaged in a stylish, discreet bottle that looks like nothing more than a hand lotion on the nightstand, Silk dispenses easily and without mess thanks to a squeeze cap that can be handled entirely with one hand. Silk is paraben and glycerin-free and washes away with warm water. Compatible with latex condoms.


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